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 A1 Property Services Limited has become one of the efficient cleaning companies in Auckland. We have developed our own systems and procedures so we can provide custom cleaning in every field e.g. healthcare, banking, airports, shopping malls and industrial sites.

A1 Property Services Limited is growing every year since its foundation.

Our head office is in Auckland and we are proud to serve customers across Auckland. 

Our cleaning services are proficient, dependable, reliable and hassle-free, allowing you to spend more time and energy on the things you love and  spend your valuable time with your family. We have a professional group of experienced cleaners ready to assist you with your cleaning needs and make things easy for you. 

Leave all your worries to us, we will handle for you in a reasonable cost. 

We guarantee a high standard of care and service to uphold our reputation with our customers and staff and are proud of the business we have created.

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A1 Property services reflects its name. We are doing A1 services. Our customers are not only customers we treat them all same as our family members & serve their jobs as our own

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